Advapi32.dll Error – Effective and Professional Steps to Fix Advapi32.dll Error

File information:
Advapi32.dll, Advanced Windows 32 Base API, is a dynamic link library that plays an extremely important role in providing access to the advanced Windows kernel functionality, and loading up, stopping and creating various Windows services such as registry or API settings, more significantly, users’ accounts managing and the commands to turn off or turn on the computer system are also its responsibility and ability. But why it would encounter such problems on your computer?

Advapi32.dll error message

“Advapi32.dll Not Found”
“The file advapi32.dll is missing.”
“This application failed to start because advapi32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

These error massages will be the most common thing you will get on your computer after the advapi32.dll error taking place on your computer system, some of them may encounter the reason of the error occurs, but to make clear about the problem, you should additionally go to check whether these issues happening on your PC:

  • Virus has been invaded your computer system
  • Registries or other related files in Windows operating system has been corrupted, damaged or mistakenly removed
  • Related registry entries become invalid
  • Incorrect settings of the system
  • Incompatible system configuration

Serious impacts you will get from the error problem:

  • Cannot boot up your computer system
  • Error messages pop up on the computer screen constantly
  • Usually resulted in Windows crash
  • System is always damaged and make you can do nothing but reinstall your computer system

Solutions to fix advapi32.dll error on computer system

Restart your computer system

If this is the first time you encounter the advapi32.dll error issue on your computer, you can try to restart your computer system. Sometimes the error problem is just a temporary error that due to your improper operation which make some of the related system processes and files to be temporarily disabled, and a restart up can make the system running come back to normal.

Security scan and virus removal

Considering the virus invasion is also a common reason for advapi32.dll error problem, in order to protect your computer system from being seriously damaged by malicious viruses and malware, you ought to equip your computer with a professional and newest version of security program, and then perform a thorough scan for your computer system in terms of its security situation, if some suspicious and malicious viruses detected from your computer, you should make use of the security program to get rid of them completely and immediately.

Update Windows

Outdated Windows is very easy to disable some files, registry entries and other components, which will make many related programs become invalid on the computer system. And when you update your Windows at that time, it would refresh those components which will perform on the computer more effectively and smoothly. So if the advapi32.dll error is just caused by the outdated Windows, doing an update for your Windows would make them to be used normally, and this error problem will not exist on your computer system anymore.

Clean out registries on your computer system

If all of the above processes have done completely but the program is still on your computer, the best way to get rid of advapi32.dll error is using a registry fix application to clean our computer system, registry database is a common place that trigger various kinds of errors on your PC, which is because there are too many registries contained in a common place which closely related to different kinds of program operations on your PC. And a registry fix application can help you to find all of corrupted, damaged or dismissed file on the registry database, and activating its fixing process just can help you to repair them within a few minutes which including the advapi32.dll error.

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